S’more cookies

S'more cookies by Bake Bellissima

I cannot take all the credit for this delicious chewy s’more cookie recipe, it was a collaboration with my 2 best kitchen advisors, my daughters Sarah and Ava, 8 and 3 years old. Sarah is always pushing me to experiment and try new recipes. She brings me pictures of treats she found on Pinterest for inspiration. […]

Blackened salmon

Blackened salmon by Bake Bellissima

This blackened salmon dish is a big hit over at Bake Bellissima’s. The seasonings work so nicely together, and the cooking method leaves the salmon fillets super moist. Heating the coriander seeds livens up the flavor of the spice, and makes the spice rub extra fragrant. Tip: Make sure the oil in the pan is […]

Diamants or Vanilla butter cookies

This classic french cookie, called a diamant, for the sparkling effect of the sugar surrounding it, is very similar to a shortbread, with a delicious buttery and vanilla scent. My husband has a much less fancy name for these, he calls them crack cookies, because they are just insanely addictive and once you start eating, […]

Lamb Keftas

Lamb keftas by Bake Bellissima

These lamb and veal keftas, fancy word for well seasoned meatballs, are absolutely delicious and full of flavor. If you are not a lamb aficionado such as myself, simply replace with ground beef in the recipe. It will still work perfectly. You must serve these with hummus or tahini, the contrasting flavors are just too […]

Fudgy hamentashen

Hamentashen by Bake Bellissima

It is that time of year again, and I decided that this Purim, I would experiment a bit with my hamentashen. I have subbed the traditional dough with a rugelach dough, and I am quite happy with the results! Filled with a fudgy and sweet chocolate filling, these are definitely a repeat for me. However, […]

Skillet brownies

Skillet brownies by Bake Bellissima

They say the way to a man’s heart is though his stomach. This past Valentine’s Day week-end, I prepared these dreamy skillet brownies, and won the hearts of my entire family as a result, proving the old adage true and applicable to children as well! This recipe by Ina Garten is extremely easy to follow, […]

Fruit salad with ginger syrup, lime and mint

Fruit salad with ginger syrup, lime and mint by Bake Bellissima

This is no ordinary fruit salad, or your average orange juice flavored fruit mix. Even though fruit is the main ingredient, the flavors and ingredients are bold and will please even the most sophisticated palates! Beautiful seasonal fruit, in a ginger lime syrup bring sweetness and heat, while lime and mint bring contrasting acidity and […]

Veal Gremolata

Veal gremolata by Bake Bellissima

I am finally getting around to posting this delicious veal gremolata recipe I tried a little while ago. This is a simple, easy to prepare dish to serve company and it is bursting with bright flavor from the lemon zest and herbs. You start with a veal shoulder tied with string, to which you insert […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Montreal chocolate shops by Bake Bellissima

You know what they say, ask and you shall receive. Here are some things that I think would make dreamy gifts from your sweetheart. 1. Beautiful jewels, a no brainer for Valentine’s. (Miss-Mimi necklace) 2. A ladylike tea set, lovely enough to make you feel a part of the Crawley family (tea cup by Royal […]