5 easy homemade lunch box snacks

The Healthy lunchbox series: Chocolate granola bar by Bakebellissima.com

These homemade lunch box snacks are Bake Bellissima approved and you will not see these in the lunch boxes at 4pm because they will for sure have been consumed by your hungry kids at school! These recipes are easy, can be made ahead, and the best part is they are so much tastier and fresher […]

Homemade strawberry fruit roll ups

My daughter loves the Betty Crocker Fruit roll ups, but I rarely buy them,  because I don’t think they contain much actual fruit (some are what I call Smurf blue…) and they have way too much sugar and preservatives. To get her to stop being mad at me for not buying the junky treat, I […]

Zucchini, potato and cilantro soup

Zucchini potato and cilantro soup

  This zucchini, potato and cilantro soup is a delicious and comforting starter now that the weather has gotten colder. The texture is velvety and creamy, even though there is no cream in the soup.  A final drizzle of olive oil, lime and cilantro really finishes the soup and makes a beautiful presentation. You could […]

Zucchini chocolate brownies

Skinny zucchini brownies by Bake Bellissima

If you are a Sneaky Chef type, hiding veggies in everything from pancakes to burgers, then this recipe for zucchini chocolate brownies is perfect for you! Here is what I love about these brownies: they are fudgy and delicious, so easy to prepare, and they also happen to be pretty healthy and diet-friendly. I made […]

Salmon Provençal

Salmon provencal by Bakebellissima.com

  This is another easy idea for salmon leftovers, a delicious salmon Provençal that you can top with puff pastry and is a one pot meal.  The creamy sauce is the star of this dish. Made with white wine and thyme, and thickened with cream and a bit of flour, the flavor combinations are so […]

Roasted butternut squash

Roasted butternut squash by Bake Bellissima

Roasted butternut squash is such an easy side dish to prepare, especially when you buy it in bite-size cubes available at Costco (from Los Angeles Salad Company). All that is left for you to do is toss with seasonings and roast in the oven! Have I spoken to you about my love of Costco before? […]

Cranberry cobbler

Cranberry cobbler by Bake Bellissima

  I believe there is a cobbler for every season, and this fall, we welcome the cranberry cobbler! I was so excited to see gigantic bags of fresh cranberries at Costco this week. I have been busy trying to come up with ways to incorporate them into my menu, and one way is to use […]

Milk chocolate clusters

Milk chocolate clusters by Bake Bellissima

 This year, more than ever, I have really tried to stock my kids’ lunch boxes with homemade snacks. It may have something to do with this little blog of mine…There are still the (healthy) chips and yogurt drinks, but on most days there is at least one homemade treat. It has been fun to try […]

Eggplant caponata

Eggplant caponata by Bake Bellissima

This eggplant caponata is one of my favorite recipes and I have been making it for years. I discovered this recipe in the Panache cookbook,  a beautiful collection of recipes put together to benefit the Montreal Jewish General Hospital in 2005. Although no longer in print, you can find a second hand copy here. It […]

Coconut macaroons with orange zest

Coconut macaroons with orange zest by Bake Bellissima

Coconut macaroons are a delicious treat for coconut lovers such as myself and this recipe is simply perfect. The orange scented macaroons are topped with dark chocolate for a lovely visual contrast and intense flavor. I like to make these cookies around the holidays since these are divine with tea or coffee and are a […]