Banana, kale, and raspberry smoothie

Banana, kale, and raspberry smoothie by Bake Bellissima

NutritiousĀ juices and smoothies have grown in popularity immensely and I am always looking for great fruit and vegetable combinations, such as this banana, kale, and raspberry smoothie. has a great collection of easy juice recipes you can browse. Smoothies that combine protein with vitamin-packed fresh produce are a great choice and will give you […]

The Healthy Lunchbox Series: Cranberry pecan granola

Cranberry pecan granola by Bake Bellissima

I have very recently discovered the joy of making your own granola bars, and have now graduated to rolled oat recipes with this cranberry pecan granola. While baking is involved as it is a harder grain, this granola stays for at least 2 weeks, if there is any left after that time! It is vanilla […]

Lemon Confit

Confit, or preserved lemons, are simply fresh lemons that have been jarred with generous quantities of salt for at least two weeks. In that time, the lemon loses some acidity and develops a very deep fragrant flavor instead. My grandmother kept large jars of preserved lemons in the refrigerator and used them in many dishes, […]

Base Recipe: Pecan Praline with Smoked Sea Salt

Pecan praline by Bake Bellissima

Delicious on its own, or as part of a salad or dessert, pecan praline is pure genius. Sure you can buy it ready made, but good quality praline can be pricey, and I assure that once you make this at home, you will not go back to store bought because the flavor of this recipe […]