S’more cookies

S'more cookies by Bake Bellissima

I cannot take all the credit for this delicious chewy s’more cookie recipe, it was a collaboration with my 2 best kitchen advisors, my daughters Sarah and Ava, 8 and 3 years old. Sarah is always pushing me to experiment and try new recipes. She brings me pictures of treats she found on Pinterest for inspiration. […]

Fudgy hamentashen

Hamentashen by Bake Bellissima

It is that time of year again, and I decided that this Purim, I would experiment a bit with my hamentashen. I have subbed the traditional dough with a rugelach dough, and I am quite happy with the results! Filled with a fudgy and sweet chocolate filling, these are definitely a repeat for me. However, […]

Skillet brownies

Skillet brownies by Bake Bellissima

They say the way to a man’s heart is though his stomach. This past Valentine’s Day week-end, I prepared these dreamy skillet brownies, and won the hearts of my entire family as a result, proving the old adage true and applicable to children as well! This recipe by Ina Garten is extremely easy to follow, […]

Zucchini chocolate brownies

Skinny zucchini brownies by Bake Bellissima

If you are a Sneaky Chef type, hiding veggies in everything from pancakes to burgers, then this recipe for zucchini chocolate brownies is perfect for you! Here is what I love about these brownies: they are fudgy and delicious, so easy to prepare, and they also happen to be pretty healthy and diet-friendly. I made […]

Easiest birthday cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes by Bakebellissima.com

  It’s not everyday your son celebrates his 11th birthday, and so this week-end we feasted with all kinds of treats, including what I consider the easiest “birthday cupcakes.” What makes these special is that they have all of his favorites inside, including marshmallows and Oreos! The result is like a smores cupcake, gooey and […]

Cream cheese brownies

Cream cheese brownies by Bake Bellissima

These cream cheese brownies unite cheesecake and chocolate lovers together into one big and very happy family. In fact, one enhances the other in this delicious union of flavors.  This easy recipe can be prepared entirely with the use of a few mixing bowls, spatula and whisk. You normally have all ingredients available in the […]

Chocolate truffles

This chocolate truffle recipe is perfect for entertaining, and a great place to begin working with chocolate. Chocolate lovers rejoice when they see these decadent truffles on a sweet table, and the coatings add delicious taste and variety. I normally cover these chocolate truffles in sweetened coconut, cocoa powder, and chopped toasted nuts, but you […]

Chocolate chip banana bread

Chocolate chip banana bread by Bake Bellissima

I have been making this chocolate chip banana bread forever and it is definitely a favorite! The taste is so delicious and it is a no frills bread that will please everyone. I am a huge fan of Nigella Lawson: her recipes are easy, elegant and fun, the kind of cook we all want to […]

Chocolate covered banana pops

Chocolate covered bananas by Bake Bellissima

  These chocolate covered banana pops are an ideal dessert or after school snack. Vitamin packed thanks to the banana and pecans, and delicious thanks to the dark chocolate coating! I recently came across this recipe at the fabulous Italian Chips site and could not resist trying it myself. Thanks Ana, it’s a perfect summertime treat! Freezing the […]

Jamie Oliver’s fridge cake bites

Fridge cake bites bites by Bake Bellissima

This amazing fridge cake turned into bites because the mold I used was too large, and Jamie Oliver’s perfect slices just did not happen for me. I debated whether to even show this dessert, but the recipe and concept are so wonderful that I am hoping you will see past the way this looks and […]