Diamants or Vanilla butter cookies

This classic french cookie, called a diamant, for the sparkling effect of the sugar surrounding it, is very similar to a shortbread, with a delicious buttery and vanilla scent. My husband has a much less fancy name for these, he calls them crack cookies, because they are just insanely addictive and once you start eating, […]

Cream cheese brownies

Cream cheese brownies by Bake Bellissima

These cream cheese brownies unite cheesecake and chocolate lovers together into one big and very happy family. In fact, one enhances the other in this delicious union of flavors.  This easy recipe can be prepared entirely with the use of a few mixing bowls, spatula and whisk. You normally have all ingredients available in the […]

Chocolate chip banana bread

Chocolate chip banana bread by Bake Bellissima

I have been making this chocolate chip banana bread forever and it is definitely a favorite! The taste is so delicious and it is a no frills bread that will please everyone. I am a huge fan of Nigella Lawson: her recipes are easy, elegant and fun, the kind of cook we all want to […]

Pumpkin cupcakes with maple frosting

  Pumpkin cupcakes are normally a fall time treat but when something is so delicious, who can wait till October? These are great with the maple frosting but I think it is completely optional, because the cupcakes has so much flavor on its own. I think they make a great lunchbox treat, and you can save […]

Ina’s Coconut Cupcake

Coconut cupcake with cream cheese frosting by Bake Bellissima

Ina’s coconut cupcakes were a standard at my birthday party sweet tables for years and then I got over making cupcakes and completely forgot all about these! I recently went through my pantry and decided to use up some shredded coconut by making these amazing cupcakes. They are just as perfect as I remember them: […]

Ottolenghi’s blueberry crumble recipe

This blueberry crumble muffin recipe is unique because Yottam Ottolenghi’s cleverly includes green apple in the mix. I find the acidity of the apple works well with the blueberries and lemon zest. I did not use the crumble component of the recipe as it did not seem sweet enough to me. This recipe has the […]

Ina’s perfect pound cake

Perfect pound cake by Bake Bellissima

Ina Garten’s perfect pound cake recipe is worth its weight in gold. It is so tender, it melts in your mouth and the vanilla bean and orange zest make the taste irresistible. While there are many pound cake recipes out there, not all are created equal. This one has an aroma that reminds me of […]

Lighter chocolate chip banana bread

Chocolate chip banana bread by Bakebellissima.com

This chocolate chip banana bread recipe was given to me by a relative who is the health nut of the family. She takes, say an Ina Garten recipe that calls for a pound of butter, and replaces half the amount with applesauce.  She is a great baker and looks pretty good too, which is why […]

Outrageous Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Outrageous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

These peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are outrageous because they possess all of the addictive qualities of a chocolate chip cookie despite being refined sugar free, egg and dairy free! They are chewy, abundant with chocolate, and have a rich flavor. If you prefer a smoother texture, you can replace the oats, almond flour, and […]

Healthy After-School Snacks that Your Kids will Love

Frozen bananas with Chocolate and nuts

Most kids get home from school famished and exhausted. The perfect solution to get them from hangry* to happy? A tasty, satisfying snack! In the old days, moms would offer a few packaged cookies or salami sandwich and be done, right? Nowadays,we know better. These fast snacks, although easy, are full of unhealthy ingredients. Here, […]