S’more cookies

S'more cookies by Bake Bellissima

I cannot take all the credit for this delicious chewy s’more cookie recipe, it was a collaboration with my 2 best kitchen advisors, my daughters Sarah and Ava, 8 and 3 years old. Sarah is always pushing me to experiment and try new recipes. She brings me pictures of treats she found on Pinterest for inspiration. […]

Diamants or Vanilla butter cookies

This classic french cookie, called a diamant, for the sparkling effect of the sugar surrounding it, is very similar to a shortbread, with a delicious buttery and vanilla scent. My husband has a much less fancy name for these, he calls them crack cookies, because they are just insanely addictive and once you start eating, […]

Strawberry rugelach

Bake Bellissima Strawberry rugelach

  My parents are both from Tangier where the sweets are honey and orange scented, and there is not a cinnamon or chocolate rugelach in sight. I only discovered these sweet rolled pastries over the years from neighbourhood bakeries, or at my friends’ homes, and they were tasty but I never really thought twice about […]

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with sea salt

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with sea salt by Bake Bellissima

This Monday morning is a particularly dreary one here in Montreal, and what better way to brighten the mood than with a delicious chocolate chip oatmeal cookie for breakfast? What makes these cookies special is a touch of coarse sea salt that is added to the top right before baking. They are chewy and soft […]

Vanilla sugar cookies

Vanilla sugar cookies by Bake Bellissima

  Sometimes the simplest pleasures are the most comforting, and these vanilla sugar cookies are the perfect example of a simple yet delicious treat. Their aroma reminds me of childhood snacks around our kitchen table. I have had this recipe for years, and it is the only sugar cookie recipe I use. Once you try […]

Milk chocolate clusters

Milk chocolate clusters by Bake Bellissima

 This year, more than ever, I have really tried to stock my kids’ lunch boxes with homemade snacks. It may have something to do with this little blog of mine…There are still the (healthy) chips and yogurt drinks, but on most days there is at least one homemade treat. It has been fun to try […]

Cream cheese brownies

Cream cheese brownies by Bake Bellissima

These cream cheese brownies unite cheesecake and chocolate lovers together into one big and very happy family. In fact, one enhances the other in this delicious union of flavors.  This easy recipe can be prepared entirely with the use of a few mixing bowls, spatula and whisk. You normally have all ingredients available in the […]

Chocolate chip granola bars with sprinkles

Chocolate chip granola bars with sprinkles

Back to school week went pretty smoothly for us, I am glad to report, and I prepared fun snacks like these chocolate chip granola bars with sprinkles to make the lunchboxes are little more exciting. They help make the return to long days, uniforms, and homework, a little less dreadful. These yummy bars are loaded […]

Brownie cookies with white chocolate

Brownie cookie with white chocolate by Bake Bellissima

These brownie cookies are based on a classic Martha Stewart recipe I have been making for years. They are so chocolatey and good, I have yet to see someone eat these and be indifferent. If you have taste buds, you will like these. Martha calls hers Outrageous chocolate cookies, and while they are outrageously good, […]

Chocolate hazelnut biscotti

Chocolate hazelnut biscotti bib Bake Bellissima

There are few winning combinations, peanut butter and chocolate, apple pie and vanilla ice cream, and my personal favorite, coffee and biscotti. It is a simple yet blissful pleasure. This perfect recipe from Bon Appetit makes 4 dozen biscotti, which is a good thing, because it is hard to stop once you get started on […]