Pumpkin muffins with streusel topping

Pumpkin muffins with streusel topping by Bake Bellissima

What kind of food blogger would I be if I didn’t feature a pumpkin recipe in the month of October? As soon as the leaves start changing colors, we enter PSL season, and pumpkin recipes abound, both savory and sweet. Some people get extremely creative, putting the healthy vegetable in everything from enchiladas to ice […]

Zucchini chocolate brownies

Skinny zucchini brownies by Bake Bellissima

If you are a Sneaky Chef type, hiding veggies in everything from pancakes to burgers, then this recipe for zucchini chocolate brownies is perfect for you! Here is what I love about these brownies: they are fudgy and delicious, so easy to prepare, and they also happen to be pretty healthy and diet-friendly. I made […]

Cranberry cobbler

Cranberry cobbler by Bake Bellissima

  I believe there is a cobbler for every season, and this fall, we welcome the cranberry cobbler! I was so excited to see gigantic bags of fresh cranberries at Costco this week. I have been busy trying to come up with ways to incorporate them into my menu, and one way is to use […]

Milk chocolate clusters

Milk chocolate clusters by Bake Bellissima

 This year, more than ever, I have really tried to stock my kids’ lunch boxes with homemade snacks. It may have something to do with this little blog of mine…There are still the (healthy) chips and yogurt drinks, but on most days there is at least one homemade treat. It has been fun to try […]

Easiest birthday cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes by Bakebellissima.com

  It’s not everyday your son celebrates his 11th birthday, and so this week-end we feasted with all kinds of treats, including what I consider the easiest “birthday cupcakes.” What makes these special is that they have all of his favorites inside, including marshmallows and Oreos! The result is like a smores cupcake, gooey and […]

Chocolate chip granola bars with sprinkles

Chocolate chip granola bars with sprinkles

Back to school week went pretty smoothly for us, I am glad to report, and I prepared fun snacks like these chocolate chip granola bars with sprinkles to make the lunchboxes are little more exciting. They help make the return to long days, uniforms, and homework, a little less dreadful. These yummy bars are loaded […]

Chocolate and zucchini muffins

Chocolate and zucchini muffins by Bake Bellissima

Inspired by Veggie Desserts, a beautiful blog that makes the most appetizing healthy treats I have ever seen, I decided to make one of my own, a zucchini muffin. Not sure if it is technically considered dessert, but it is a start! I love this recipe. All my taste testers, big and small, agree that […]

Cherry cobbler

Cherry cobbler by Bake Bellissima

The aroma on this cherry cobbler is overwhelming. You do not stand a chance if you think you can resist it… Same recipe as the blueberry cobbler except I’ve gone a little Ina on you and added a little more butter, because I had a feeling it would make a great dessert that much greater. […]

Blueberry cobbler

Blueberry cobbler by Bake Bellissima

This blueberry cobbler was so good out of the oven that someone in my family, I will not name names, licked the crumbs right off the plate after finishing a slice. Don’t look at me…  I hope I have conveyed how much I love this dessert, and that you must try this at home! Highly […]

Banana, kale, and raspberry smoothie

Banana, kale, and raspberry smoothie by Bake Bellissima

Nutritious juices and smoothies have grown in popularity immensely and I am always looking for great fruit and vegetable combinations, such as this banana, kale, and raspberry smoothie. Theloop21.com has a great collection of easy juice recipes you can browse. Smoothies that combine protein with vitamin-packed fresh produce are a great choice and will give you […]