Gwyneth’s Fudgy chocolate brownies

Love her or hate her, Gwyneth Paltrow has some pretty solid recipes in her repertoire, like this fudgy chocolate brownie recipe. It is super moist and tastes decadent, even without loads of butter and refined sugar! My favorite thing about Paltrow’s recipes is that so many are kid-friendly and use healthy ingredients. When my kids […]

Banana pecan muffins with Speculoos spread

Banana pecan muffins with Speculoos by Bake Bellissima

These banana pecan muffins are enhanced by speculoos spread, my favorite french import since the baguette. I only tasted speculoos (also known as biscoff) for the first time this September after having read about it on David Lebovitz’s blog before heading to Paris for a week. I ended up buying a bottle at la Grande Epicerie; little did I […]

The Healthy Lunchbox Series: Cranberry pecan granola

Cranberry pecan granola by Bake Bellissima

I have very recently discovered the joy of making your own granola bars, and have now graduated to rolled oat recipes with this cranberry pecan granola. While baking is involved as it is a harder grain, this granola stays for at least 2 weeks, if there is any left after that time! It is vanilla […]

Pierre Hermé’s Chocolate sparklers

Pierre Herme chocolate sparklers

Pierre Hermé has a wonderful cookbook that focuses on chocolate desserts, my absolute favorite kind. These are called sparklers for their sugary edges. If you really want to go all out, try using crystallized sugar mixed with a bit of gold dust. You can find these items at any baking specialty store. In Montreal, you can […]

The Healthy Lunchbox Series: Chocolate Granola Bars

(The Healthy Lunchbox series will appear weekly with suggestions on how to replace packaged snacks and lunches with easy homemade recipes that kids will love. To kick off the series, here is a great recipe for white and milk chocolate granola bars. ) Of all the packaged snacks I sometimes include in my kids’ lunches, […]

A Classic Chocolate Cookie Recipe you Will Make Again and Again

I have Smitten Kitchen, the trailblazer of food blogs, to thank for this amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe. This might even be my new favorite! I have found other amazing cookie recipes over the years, of course. A recent one that comes to mind is Momofuku’s compost cookie. The outrageous ingredients such as chips and […]

Butter Pecan Cookies for Tea Time

Butter pecan cookies by Bake Bellissima

<img src=”” style=”display:none” height=”1″ width=”1″ alt=”” /> Hello and welcome to Bake Bellissima! Take the time to review my collection of tried and tested recipes that I am so happy to share with you. These tasty butter pecan cookies are a delicious treat for tea time. Serve with a hot steaming pot of your favorite […]

Outrageous Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Outrageous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

These peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are outrageous because they possess all of the addictive qualities of a chocolate chip cookie despite being refined sugar free, egg and dairy free! They are chewy, abundant with chocolate, and have a rich flavor. If you prefer a smoother texture, you can replace the oats, almond flour, and […]

Healthy After-School Snacks that Your Kids will Love

Frozen bananas with Chocolate and nuts

Most kids get home from school famished and exhausted. The perfect solution to get them from hangry* to happy? A tasty, satisfying snack! In the old days, moms would offer a few packaged cookies or salami sandwich and be done, right? Nowadays,we know better. These fast snacks, although easy, are full of unhealthy ingredients. Here, […]