Lamb Keftas

Lamb keftas by Bake Bellissima

These lamb and veal keftas, fancy word for well seasoned meatballs, are absolutely delicious and full of flavor. If you are not a lamb aficionado such as myself, simply replace with ground beef in the recipe. It will still work perfectly. You must serve these with hummus or tahini, the contrasting flavors are just too […]

Slow-braised brisket and dry rub recipe

Brisket by Bake Bellissima

  I am always on the look out for a good brisket recipe and find this is a major challenge. According to the in-house brisket expert, which would be the husband, some recipes I have tried are too sweet or lack flavor , or the meat comes out too tough, or too dry. This recipe, […]

Stuffed Sole with broccoli and mushroom sauce

Stuffed sole with broccoli and mushroom sauce by Bake Belissima

My mother in law, a fabulous cook, has been making this stuffed sole with broccoli for her family for years. They all love it despite disliking fish and today it is my kids who are excited when she makes this dish. It has veggies and fish all rolled into one, nutrition heaven, and it is […]

Meatballs with lemon and Dijon sauce

Meatballs with lemon and Dijon sauce

  This dish has been making a regular appearance at our kitchen table for years now. I love to make it because it is so quick and complication-free. My family loves to eat it because it is really delicious comfort food, and they are always up for that. The best thing about this meatball recipe? […]

Osso buco with mushroom sauce

osso buco with mushrooms bake bellissima

Some of you looking at this picture of my osso buco with mushroom sauce may be wondering, where is the osso, or the star of this dish, the bone? Let me explain. I did not follow the featured recipe instruction to use string,  and so the tender delicious veal separated from the bone. This recipe will be […]