Raquel’s chicken marinade

This is my go-to recipe given to me by my mom, Raquel, for an easy and delicious chicken marinade that also works vey well with salmon. I make it countless times during the summer and year round, and everyone loves it! It is extremely simple with ingredients we always have on hand. I love using […]

Slow-braised brisket and dry rub recipe

Brisket by Bake Bellissima

  I am always on the look out for a good brisket recipe and find this is a major challenge. According to the in-house brisket expert, which would be the husband, some recipes I have tried are too sweet or lack flavor , or the meat comes out too tough, or too dry. This recipe, […]

Stuffed Sole with broccoli and mushroom sauce

Stuffed sole with broccoli and mushroom sauce by Bake Belissima

My mother in law, a fabulous cook, has been making this stuffed sole with broccoli for her family for years. They all love it despite disliking fish and today it is my kids who are excited when she makes this dish. It has veggies and fish all rolled into one, nutrition heaven, and it is […]

Salmon salad with tartar sauce

Salmon salad by Bake Bellissima

We had a few no-shows at a bbq and I was left with many leftover salmon fillets. Rather than serve them in the same way again, which would send my family fleeing to the nearest pizza joint, I gave them a new life as salmon salad with a delicious tartar sauce. After all, why should […]

Grilled halibut with cilantro and lime

This marinated, grilled halibut is perfect for a summertime dinner. The marinade gives the halibut a wonderful aroma and flavor that you can intensify as much as you like with the addition of jalapeno pepper. I’ve learned that the key with halibut, as my fishmonger reminded me yesterday, is to cook for only a few […]

Meatballs with lemon and Dijon sauce

Meatballs with lemon and Dijon sauce

  This dish has been making a regular appearance at our kitchen table for years now. I love to make it because it is so quick and complication-free. My family loves to eat it because it is really delicious comfort food, and they are always up for that. The best thing about this meatball recipe? […]

Braised tuna and chickpeas

  This braised tuna and chickpeas dish is one of my go-to recipes for when my fridge is looking bare, I have not had time to go the grocery store, and I have my family asking me what’s for dinner. It is made almost entirely with pantry items we always have on hand, and is […]

Spinach quiche, 2 ways

Spinach quiche by Bake Bellissima

You cannot go wrong with a classic spinach quiche for Mother’s Day brunch. It’s a crowd pleaser and very easy to prepare. It can be made a day ahead which is perfect for brunch, because who wants to wake up early and start slaving in the kitchen? Especially on Mother’s Day? I definitely don’t! I […]

Delicious chicken burgers

Delicious chicken burgers by Bake Belissima

These chicken burgers have a secret ingredient that makes them extra tasty… Have you guessed what it is yet? It is an ingredient so universally loved, it is even added to chocolate and other sweet desserts. That’s right, bacon! (I used turkey bacon and the burgers were very awesome, according to my son).   I […]

Salmon with lemon pepper sauce and roasted brussel sprouts

Salmon with lemon pepper sauce by Bake Bellissima

This salmon with lemon pepper  and roasted brussel sprouts is an easy weeknight dinner idea that can also be used for entertaining, especially in the summer. I have made this salmon many times and it is a real crowd-pleaser. I found it on Epicurious on their top rated salmon recipes list, one of my favourite sites to […]