With the holidays approaching comes the stressful realization that you have to start a meal plan. I find there are 2 types of hosts, those who stick to the tried and tested game plan, and those who need to experiment in the kitchen constantly, even when entertaining for large crowds.

I happen to fall in the latter, more dangerous category. I like the thrill and let’s face it, I will take any excitement I can get at this point.

I will be watching a few movies this weekend that will hopefully give me ideas.





I am Love  is a feast for the eyes. Lavish tables, gorgeous fashion, and Italian scenery, not to mention the Italian men that live up to expectations. What more can you ask for?



Eat drink Man Woman could be the story of any family and shows the power of having everyone together around a meal prepared with great care and love.

A few other favorites are Woman on Top, Julie and Julia, and Chocolat. What are you favorite “foodie” movies?

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