Diamants or Vanilla butter cookies

This classic french cookie, called a diamant, for the sparkling effect of the sugar surrounding it, is very similar to a shortbread, with a delicious buttery and vanilla scent. My husband has a much less fancy name for these, he calls them crack cookies, because they are just insanely addictive and once you start eating, […]

Strawberry rugelach

Bake Bellissima Strawberry rugelach

  My parents are both from Tangier where the sweets are honey and orange scented, and there is not a cinnamon or chocolate rugelach in sight. I only discovered these sweet rolled pastries over the years from neighbourhood bakeries, or at my friends’ homes, and they were tasty but I never really thought twice about […]

Vanilla sugar cookies

Vanilla sugar cookies by Bake Bellissima

  Sometimes the simplest pleasures are the most comforting, and these vanilla sugar cookies are the perfect example of a simple yet delicious treat. Their aroma reminds me of childhood snacks around our kitchen table. I have had this recipe for years, and it is the only sugar cookie recipe I use. Once you try […]

Chocolate hazelnut biscotti

Chocolate hazelnut biscotti bib Bake Bellissima

There are few winning combinations, peanut butter and chocolate, apple pie and vanilla ice cream, and my personal favorite, coffee and biscotti. It is a simple yet blissful pleasure. This perfect recipe from Bon Appetit makes 4 dozen biscotti, which is a good thing, because it is hard to stop once you get started on […]

Momofuku-inspired cookies for Mother’s Day

Momofuku inspired cookies by Bake Bellissima

In case anyone is wondering, this is exactly what I dream of getting as a Mother’s Day present! These amazing chewy, full of goodness cookies are my reward for all the nights I stayed up late, hours of homework, carpool, etc.  These are adapted from the insanely delicious Momofuku Milk Bar‘s compost cookie recipe available […]